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Meet Ashely Brown

Prophetess Ashely Brown is a wife, mother, ministry leader, prophetic voice to the nations, itinerant speaker, leader in education, entrepreneur, and trailblazer in the Kingdom of God. She is known by many as the Fly Preacher because of her love for all things fashion! 


She is a true daughter of God who places having a pure heart and relationship with Jesus at the center of who she is and all she is graced to do. She is the wife of Pastor Johnathan Brown and they have two beautiful daughters: Layla-Grace and Ivy-Grace. Alongside Pastor J, she co-leads The Carpenter's Church, building end-time world-changers and raising up spiritual sons and daughters to combat the agenda of hell. She is passionate about winning souls and has led many to the Lord through evangelism and preaching the Word of God. 


She has committed her life to advance the Kingdom of God, preach biblical truth, and fulfill the call of God on her life. She is a powerful preacher, elaborate teacher, powerful and effective intercessor, and carrier of God's glory. The Lord has given her a burden for healthy marriages within the body of Christ. As a result, she penned Wife Code, a guide for single, engaged, divorced, and married women to approach marriage from a Biblical perspective. 

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